Steve Kraut, SteveKrautCoaching.comIf you are weary from working long hours, missing time with family, and still not making the money you want –
YOU are ready for a change!

Working with a Business Coach will help you expand your business to serve more people; AND you get back the time you need to do the things you love.
You can take a good business and make it great; but you must decide where you want your company to be in the next 2 to 5 years. “Start with the end in mind”– the vision for your business. Begin now with a FREE coaching hour – you will get crystal clear on what's possible.

I have helped many business and sales professionals make more money. I can help you too. Every week, my clients get the support they need to thrive in their professional and personal lives.

  • Get your annual income up and over any plateau.
  • Generate more leads and close more business.

Coaching is a powerful force for change. At its core it will transform how you approach your business and your life.

We Have Results

  • A seasoned NASE insurance sales professional finds fresh focus on his business goals doubling his business over the last year.
  • An experienced handyman/contractor redefined himself from the person who does all the work to the person who makes the work happen. He was able to better manage the business and the work flow. A review and revision of the rate structures enabled him to bill more effectively resulting in higher cash flow. A target of 1M in gross sales in 2-3 yrs began to feel attainable.
  • A long time Certified Public Accountant steps up his planning and sales forecasting activities. He initiates weekly client status reviews, and addresses his action items with greater efficiency. His hiring process moves ahead of schedule; the business is more organized and begins to grow rapidly.
  • Within a few short months a corporate IT professional said, “areas of my life began to transform and mirror more closely the vision I had imagined for myself for so long”.
  • A Financial Planner identifies areas of the business that need to be addressed; and effectively pursues strategies to grow the business. He gains new confidence and steps up to another level of professionalism – “People noticed it in me”.
  • A Web and Graphic Design firm put together the pieces and parts of a marketing plan stating exactly what they really expect to get. With a high level of accountability, they focused and accomplished their goals faster. “If it wasn't for that, we'd still be waiting to hire employees”.


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